Director: Jennifer Shultz

Jennifer Shultz is presently the Director of the Center for Geospatial Information Services in the Institute of State and Regional Affairs (ISRA) at Penn State Harrisburg. In this role she directs research projects and custom work provided by the Center. She is also the Data Services Manager for the Pennsylvania State Data Center, a sister Center within ISRA. Mrs. Shultz has been involved with demographic and socio-economic research, GIS and data analysis with ISRA for over twenty years.

Mrs. Shultz has held a variety of positions within the Pennsylvania State Data Center, including its State Capital Office Coordinator, Demographic Services Coordinator and now the Data Services Manager. She recently added responsibilities with CGIS.

Mrs. Shultz has extensive experience with database development, data and spatial analysis, programming in VBA for Excel, SAS, SQL and Visual Basic. In addition she has led the development of digital dashboard solutions and visualization development for ISRA projects. Mrs. Shultz is a Penn State Graduate.

GIS Technologist: Larry Meyers

Larry has been with ISRA since 2002 and has primary responsibilities with the Pennsylvania State Data Center. Larry's experience includes: GIS experience since 1993 specializing in ArcGIS and ArcInfo, with successful programming in VBA for Excel, SAS, SQL and Visual Basic. Along with coordinating multiple projects and tasks, Larry supervised staff in the creation of the County Data Book map series. In addition to diversified technical & cartographic skills, Larry has prepared, converted and analyzed various geographic vendor's and Census data.

Larry was previously employed by MapQuest where he expanded the production capabilities of the Data Engineering Group, by incorporating ArcInfo and ArcView to build a more accurate product for MapQuest's Web Site. He processed data provided by geographic vendors on time and with a high regard to quality for MapQuest's Web Site. Larry reduced the processing time to convert vendor data by writing automated programs, which allowed for more QA/QC time.

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